Our Services

Building Services

The building of a home, regardless of its size, should evoke a great sense of ambition and excitement from architects, builders and home-owners alike. The result of that unified sense of excitement is what a great working relationship is founded on.
Navigated by clarity, communication and fluid conversation, Urban Impact actively nurtures relationships to ensure the most positive outcomes.
Responding creatively to challenges and problem solving is something that drives us. 
It allows broader thinking to develop and innovation to thrive.
Our design experience, problem solving skills and client communication is what sets us apart in the industry, however it’s the seamless journey that truly defines us.


Alterations / Additions

Design and Construct Projects

An idyllic alteration to a home should work in alignment with its original design while offering greater functionality and flexibility.
As our project examples demonstrate, it takes a fine balance of intuition and experience in problem solving to deliver an alteration that lives is both highly functional and wonderfully flexible.
Whether it’s transforming an apartment into a luxurious penthouse or adding a new space to a home without compromising the original design, our alteration specialty has enhanced the way a home responds to the homeowner’s unique needs.


Our design philosphy is based on the following principles

Maximising useable space
using design features to open up and create natural flow through spaces
Utilising natural light whenever possible

For internal renovations, be it a new bathroom or completly gutting a property we will work closely with you so that you can utlise our expertise to get your ideal plans drawn up.