Rolf and Linda | Atelier Haefeli Architects

The partners of Urban Impact bring a variety of professional expertise to any building project.

The combination of skills in financial matters, project management and sound construction knowledge is very reassuring to Architects.

It’s one thing to come up with a design, but it is the Builder who translates the drawings into reality.

From personal experience, we know that Urban Impact can deliver and is an essential team player as well.


At Urban Impact we believe every home and space is unique. It is our obsession with individuality that sets us apart, our spaces evolve and respond to the demands and desires of our clients to create a truly bespoke environment.

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The Urban Impact Difference

At Urban Impact, our point of distinction is born from a business model that has seen us create outstanding builds based on a clear understanding on design, approval process and delivery timelines. It’s a foundation that, today, allows us to work directly with architects to achieve a premium build.

 Our extensive history in the building industry affords us an acute understanding of building plans and how to construct to them creatively, professionally and efficiently.

 Our refined building skills allows us to draw focus on the details that a superbly built home requires, while in-house management eliminates the need for a ‘middle man’ or external project manager.

This unique combination ensures we can focus on doing what we do best – building homes of exceptional quality.    

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While every home is unique, it’s the way a space can reflect the personality, style and taste of the homeowner that is remarkable to observe.

 We’re truly proud of the homes we have built and the seamless process that has facilitated a premium outcome – every time.
From modest abodes through to homes of grandeur, Urban Impact applies the same dedication, commitment and proven skill to every project we embark upon.

For Home Owners 

Urban Impact is pleased to work directly with homeowners who wish to come to us with finished building plans.


Our homeowner clients benefit from receiving the same level of service, knowledge and project attention as we deploy to our architect clients.


As a fully licensed and insured building company with extensive expertise in the building industry, our completed projects speak for themselves and can be viewed at our portfolio page.


Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can take your dream home from project plan through to superior construction.

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Inside Urban Impact

The realms of architecture and construction should align seamlessly. 

Navigated by this belief, Urban Impact works directly with architects to ensure their plans are brought to life through homes built with the highest attention to detail and delivered with unwavering professionalism.

Our extensive experience working both direct to client and with architects affords us a unique position – one that understands the mechanics of taking architectural plans through to a superior build, flawlessly.

Mark Korgul | Watershed Design

I am a registered architect and director of Watershed Design, an architecture practice located in Manly. I have known and worked with Urban Impact over the last 3 years on residential construction projects. During this time Urban Imact have worked as the main contractors on two of our residential alterations and additions projects.

Urban Impact have repeatedly demonstrated their considerable skill and professionalism in the execution of their work. They have considerable expertise with responsibilities ranging from interpreting architectural and structural documents to organizing the sub-trades, managing the site’s OH & S and liaising with clients and architects. We consider them to be very competent builders who consistently deliver a high standard of workmanship. Their projects are well managed to meet budgets and importantly, have been completed on time. They have acted fairly and reasonably in all of my deaings with them.

I have no hesitation in providing a reference for Urban Impact and stating my considerable respect for them as competent, honest builders.